Cross-border healthcare

Cross-border healthcare: Commission calls on the NETHERLANDS to comply with rules on level of reimbursement

The Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice the Netherlands. The Commission calls on the Dutch authorities to ensure that the costs of healthcare received in another EU country under the Cross-border Healthcare Directive (Directive 2011/24/EU) are reimbursed up to the level applicable when healthcare is received in the Netherlands. The Directive lays down patients’ rights to choose to receive healthcare in another Member State and to claim reimbursement for it when returning back home. As to the level of reimbursement, it states clearly that this must be up to the level of the costs that would have been assumed by the patient’s own Member State if the healthcare had been provided there, without exceeding the actual costs. The Netherlands now has two months to respond to the arguments put forward by the Commission. Otherwise, the Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion.