Treatment Path

Van den Eeden Hip Clinic welcomes people with hip problems. We can help 95% of the people needing hip replacement with the Van den Eeden Hip protocol, on the condition the hip has not been operated on before.

You are allowed full weight-bearing three hours after surgery. You can walk, stand up and lie down without any restrictions. Some people walk without crutches, most with just one and some walk with two crutches after the operation. After two weeks some people are able to drive their car again. After six weeks it is possible to actively take part in everyday life again. Taking sufficient rest in the first period after surgery is essential. A new hip implant lasts approximately 15 to 20 years.

Our treatment path consists of three phases: 1). The Preparation Phase; 2). The Treatment Phase; 3). The Rehabilitation Period at Home.

Step 1

1. The Preparation Phase

The first phase covers the whole period prior to surgical intervention. During this phase the first medical consultation takes place, where we verify the diagnosis. If hip replacement is needed and your health condition allows it, a date of surgery will be scheduled immediately.

Step 2

2. Treatment phase

The second phase consists of the stay in our clinic from intake to check-out. This phase usually lasts approximately 24 hours. In some cases we can provide an outpatient treatment, where patients are released the same day.

Step 3

3. Recovery phase

The final phase includes the rehabilitation and follow-up process. This phase begins immediately after you leave the clinic. Taking sufficient rest in the first period after surgery is essential to achieve the best result. Reduce activity to 5–10 minutes per hour in the first week. A check-up meeting is scheduled two weeks after surgery. After four to six weeks most people will be able to live an active life without any pain.