Hip Clinic

Van den Eeden Hip Clinic is a specialist clinic with a focus on total hip replacement (hip arthroplasty). In 2012 this Hip Clinic was founded by Dr. F.M.C. van den Eeden to provide fast and personal care to people with hip problems. Operations are performed on the highest medical level without the restrictions of a waiting list.

Cox arthrosis, or arthritis of the hip, can be treated with various surgical methods. In our clinic we focus on total hip replacement surgery using the direct anterior approach (DAA). This minimal invasive operation method is also known as the AMIS-method or anterior hip.

By approaching the hip from the front (anterior) of the upper leg the surgeon can operate between the muscles without cutting them. Tissue damage is reduced to a minimum and muscles and tendons are kept intact and active.

The result of this procedure is highly dependent on the expertise of the orthopedic surgeon, the quality of the medical facilities and the good cooperation within the surgical team. By performing the direct anterior approach following the Van den Eeden Hip Protocol we achieve measurable better results.

  • Better Results
  • No Waiting Lists
  • Personal care
  • Safe Recovery
  • Fast rehabilitation
  • Greater comfort